Cute Cash Envelopes to Make Budgeting Fun

Fun Decorative Cash Envelopes for Budgeting

Let’s be honest. Budgeting isn’t always fun. There are times when it can feel like a chore. But, if you want to succeed with money, budgeting is SO important!

set of 2 custom cute cash envelopes

So, what can you do, when budgeting feels like a chore? You add parts to your budget that can be fun and bring some life to dealing with your money,

One idea for how to do that is to use cute cash envelopes in your budgeting system.

What is the Cash Envelope Budget System?

The envelope system is pretty simple. You pull out actual cash for certain budget categories that you want to help curb your spending in.

You can keep this cash, for each budget category, in specific category envelopes. Once the cash in the envelope is gone, then you cannot spend anymore in that category, until the next payday or next month, depending on how you do your budget. 

The cash envelope system is a great way to help you stay in budget and get control of your spending. 

If you want to learn all about using cash envelopes, check out our article about How to Start Using the Cash Envelope Budgeting System

What Budget Envelopes Should You Use

Now, you CAN use regular white envelopes, and write the category on them and go on your merry way. And, if you are really struggling financially, I definitely recommend minimizing extra expenses, and keeping things as simple as possible to get started.

But, if you have a little extra money to spare, using some fun envelopes can help to make budgeting fun and a little more enjoyable than it otherwise would be.

So here are some great examples of fun, cute budget envelopes that you can use in your budgeting efforts.

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Reusable Decorative Cash Envelopes for Budgeting

Complete Personalized Cash Envelope Set from The Ruby Swan

This is actually the set of custom cash envelopes that I make and sell for people wanting to get started with using budgeting envelopes.

custom cash envelope set

These are great because it comes with 5 envelopes and you can choose what categories and put on the envelopes.

The zipper design on the envelopes also helps keep all your cash and change in the envelope, without falling out. Also included are trackers for each envelope, and a fun diamond pen for filling in the trackers. 

Get your custom set in my shop here.

Set of 12 Budget Envelopes with Trackers

These laminated envelopes come in a big set of 12, each with a different, fun pattern. Also included are 12 trackers to help you keep track of what you have spent and how much you have left in your cash budget categories. They are a great deal for how much you get.

Having used these envelopes myself, I can say that they are better than the traditional white envelope. The biggest problem is that the slit in the back can tear easily, which means they won’t last a very long time.

Get your set from Amazon here.

Reusable Plastic Budget Envelopes

These cash envelopes are made from a really durable plastic so they will last you a long time.

I like that so many come in a set. Plus the snaps are really strong so they won’t open while in your purse, spilling cash everywhere. And, I mean, look how pretty!

Get Your Set from Amazon Here.

Bi-Fold Cash Envelope Wallet

This is a complete, handmade, cash envelope wallet/clutch made by Grandma’s Little Lilly.

black and white quatrefoil cute cash envelope wallet

You can choose to have up to 6 cash envelopes in the clutch, it has places to hold credit cards and a wrist strap. This seller has several other super cute fabric options as well.

Get your own cash envelope clutch here.

Pretty Fabric Cash Envelope Wallet

This is actually a complete cash envelope wallet, made by Heart of Harshey. The wallet is made from a fun floral material to make it special and beautiful.

floral handmade cash envelope wallet

This wallet can be made with up to 10 envelopes inside, and can be used over and over again.

Get your handmade cash envelope here.

Zipper Pouch Set

These cash envelopes from 7 Blessings Creations are actually fabric zipper pouches, and come with a larger carrying zipper bag.

handmade fabric zipper pouches.

They would be great to use for months and months to help keep your finances in order.

Get your Zipper Pouch Set here!

Vertical Laminated Budget Envelopes

These money envelopes from Saving All My Coins use fun papers that are then laminated (which is an awesome way to help make them last longer).

fun laminated cash envelopes designed with pretty paper

This particular set has extra plastic on the side, so you can add these to a cash envelope binder or wallet. And this vertical style allows you to see pretty quick how much you still have in your envelope.

Get your set of vertical budget envelopes here.

Cute Printable Money Envelopes

There are SO MANY options for cute money envelopes that are printable. Printable cash envelopes means you can buy them once, print them out, use them for a month (or more) and then print out a new one when the old one is worn out. This is a great way to have cute cash envelopes on a tighter budget.

Here are just SOME of the cute printable cash envelopes you can find.

Bright and Fun Cash Budget Envelopes

These printable envelopes from Copper Rae Designs are so fun and bright!

fun and bright printable budget envelopes

Plus the designer made sure to add a tracker on the back for easy tracking of how much is still in your envelope.

Get these fun and bright envelopes here!

Floral Watercolor Printable Envelopes

I am pretty much a sucker for most things floral these days. And these printable envelopes from Frugal Millennial Mom are no exception.

floral printable cash envelopes. so cute and pretty

Plus, this listing on Etsy offers you 25 different printable options for a really low price! So not only are these gorgeous, they have a tracker AND you get a lot for a great deal.

Get your own floral envelopes here

Beautiful Purple and Lemon Envelopes

I love this beautiful, lemon themed decorative set of envelopes, from Libbie and Co.

lemon and purple themed cute printable cash envelopes

I just really like the color combination that is “happy”. 🙂 The built in tracker make using these super easy too!

Get your set of lemon printable envelopes here.

Printable Christmas Cash Envelopes

These adorable Christmas themed cash envelopes, made by Duffy Design Co, would be great to use during the month of December!

christmas cash envelope printable set

You can even use these envelopes as a sinking fund holder to save up for Christmas. So many options, and with such a fun way to hold the money you want to save and spend!

Get the Christmas envelopes here!

Final Thoughts on Cute Cash Envelopes

As you can see, there are lots of options for giving life to your budget system. Not every part of budgeting has to be (or should be) plain and boring. It is okay to make the more mundane parts of life more fun!

Which was your favorite set of envelopes from the list above? Or do you have a set that you use and love? I’d love to know about it! Share it in the comments.


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