FREE Printable Money Saving Chart to make saving fun!

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When you have a handle on your budget, saving money for your financial goals is the next step. I know that having enough money to even start saving can see impossible sometimes. But what if you have an easy to use tool that helps you with this goal? Enter the money saving chart!

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This super useful budget tool is going to help you set and reach your savings goals.

What is a Money Saving Chart

A money saving chart is a fabulous tool to help you stay motivated when working on saving, or when saving towards a big goal. You use the chart to track your progress toward your goal.

It is a visual reminder of your goal, how far you have come, and what you still need to accomplish. I find that making my goals tangible and visible helps me to stay focused on the goal. And it helps to keep me motivated to work on the goal. This is true for for financial goals the same as other goals.

Why Use a Savings Goal Chart

I kind of talked about this above. But what is the point of using a chart while you are saving money? If you have total control of your finances, and saving money is no big deal, you might not need to use one.

But if you struggle with being able to save, then using a savings goal tracker like this is going to actually help you to save money. When you use a chart, you are setting a goal. And when you fill the tracker in, you are seeing progress on your goal. And when you can actually SEE progress on the goal, it keeps you motivated to keep working on the goal—and maybe even work harder to finish it.

So using a savings goal chart will help you to stay motivated with working towards your goal.

But it is also fun! It is so satisfying to fill in the chart, see the progress and feel accomplished. I love using printables for this both because it is fun AND helps me to save more.

What to use a Printable Savings Tracker for

You will want to use the savings tracker to help you stay focused on your money goals. But what money goals should you use it for? The options are pretty much endless! You can use a savings tracker for literally an infinite number of financial goals. But, some examples of things you might use the chart for are:

             Emergency Fund

             House Down payment

             New Car

             Christmas Fund

             Kids Sports Activities

             Retirement Goals

             College Savings Goals


Sinking Funds

emergency fund money saving chart printable idea

Honestly, you are limited only by your imagination, and what you want to accomplish. No matter what the goal is, a savings tracker can help make it more fun!

How to use the savings goal chart

Using this chart could not be easier!

Print out the chart.

Decide on your big goal, and the total amount you want to save for the goal.

Divide your total savings goal into smaller, equal parts. How many parts will depend on the number of sections on your chart. The FREE chart we have below is divided into 100 sections.

Fill in the smaller savings amounts into the chart.

Each time you save the amount in a section/square, color in that section of the chart.

Once all the parts of the chart are colored in, you have saved your larger goal!

To help keep you motivated, keep this chart in a place where you will SEE it often. The more you can see your goal, the more likely you are to complete it.

Where to Find Money to Save

Now, having an awesome chart to track how much money you are saving is all fine and dandy. But where do you find the money in your budget to actually save? Aren’t budgets tight enough? Well, yes and no. Where there is a will, there is a way!

There are lots of ways to find money to save. You can do a no spend challenge for a week and save the money you didn’t spend that week. You can declutter items from your house and sell them online. If you are using a money envelope budget system, you can also do mini challenges like saving every $1 bill or every $5 bill you find in your envelopes.

There are SO many ways to find a little extra money to save. Sometimes it just takes being a little creative mixed with some discipline.

Here are some more helpful sources for finding ways to save money

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FREE Printable Money Saving Chart

To help you get started, and excited to start saving money, we have designed a super simple savings chart for you.

Simply down load it, print it, fill in your incremental goals, and start saving!

Get your free printable money saving chart below…

Final Thoughts on Money Saving Chart

Sometimes it can feel like money saving goals take FOREVER to reach. And I get it! With a goal that can take years to accomplish, it is easy to lose steam when working on it. Which is why I love having a tracker for that goal.

I have one up for our house fund. It is a long term goal. BUT I have the chart for it hanging up where I can see it often. Seeing the chart, and the progress we are able to make on it regularly, helps me to stay motivated and not lose hope on the goal.

Do you use trackers like these for your financial goals? Which financial goals are you working on and tracking with a chart? Let me know in the comments!

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Printable Money Saving Chart to make saving fun!