20+ Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

cheap christmas gift ideas

Awesome Cheap Christmas Gifts

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the magic of the season, and want to be so generous to all your friends and family!

But the truth is, you don’t need to give big expensive gifts to let people know you care about them.

Christmas does not have to break your budget, or empty your wallet, especially when it comes to gift giving.

It is entirely possible to give inexpensive Christmas gifts, that people will actually want and appreciate. Spending more does not equal more love.

Here are 20+ awesome and inexpensive Christmas gift ideas that won’t break the bank and will still make those in your life happy.

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Awesome Ideas for Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Personalized Pillow Cases: If you haven’t heard of these pillow cases before, you are missing out. Not only are they super cute, they can be personalized for EVERY member of your family or friends, they are also CRAZY soft and snuggly. This is definitely a gift that people would LOVE and be able to use for years to come.

25 Days of Christ: One of the best gifts you can give is one that a person/family can cherish for years to come. That is what the 25 Days of Christ kit does. If you give this to a family, they will be able to start a tradition in their home of focusing on the true meaning of Christmas the whole month of December. It is an ornament advent, that has scriptures associated with each ornament talking about the symbolize and importance of that ornament. This is a gift every family should have.

Get a set of the 25 days of Christ HERE!

Ornament: Christmas ornaments are a great inexpensive gift. You can pick out a beautiful one, or a fun one related to something they like. This is another gift they will be able to use year after year and be able to appreciate every holiday season.

Candle: I am always a fun of a new, yummy smelling candle. The scent of a heated candle can really help set the atmosphere of a home. There are so many amazing scent choices. Just pick one you think they would like!

Funny Mug: Tis the season for warm drinks! A funny or personal mug is always a good idea. Fill it with a special hot chocolate blend or their favorite coffee flavor and you would have a winning gift for sure!

Get this mug over on Etsy, click here.

Pampering Set: Women LOVE to be pampered. Consider a bath bomb set or a foot scrub and lotion set. Give her a reason to relax and be pampered.

This pampering set looks and feels so luxurious! Photo from Peace Organics on Etsy

Get this pampering set over on Etsy, click here

Cookbook: Do you have someone who likes to cook or try new recipes? I don’t love cooking, but I am always excited to try something new when I get a new cookbook. I have my eye on Joanna Gaines’ cookbook…

Book: You really can’t go wrong with books in general. Whether you choose to share a book that you read and loved, or pick on that you know they will like, a book is always a solid choice. One year my parents gifted all of us kids the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover book. I think it was meant as a hint…

Audible: Not a fan of physical books? You can gift them a subscription to Audible or some Audible credits. I did this for my dad one year and he loved it! He listens to audio books all the time and really appreciated that I thought of this for him.

Meal Planning Service: Sometimes people need help knowing what to put on for dinner, and it is stressful. You can help make their life less stressful by gifting them a meal planning service. The $5 meal plan costs just $5 per month, and delivers meal plan full of delicious and budget friendly meals right to their email! 

Check out the $5 Meal Plan Here!

Cookie Jar: We were gifted an adorable cookie jar one year, and have absolutely loved it! What a cute, fun gift to treasure to years to come. You can add that personal touch by having it personalized, and/or filling it with some homemade Christmas cookies as well!

Pickle Ornament: Have you ever played the pickle ornament game? Usually the parents hide the ornament , after the kids have gone to bed on Christmas Eve. Then, in the morning, the kids have to find the ornament. The kid who finds the ornament gets an extra, small gift. This is a gift that will turn into a special tradition, helping them make memories year after year.

Journal with Pen: A nice notebook and a fun pen can be a great gift for someone who is a list maker, or loves to journal. This is a gift they will be able to use over and over and appreciate for a long time.

Greeting Card Set: There are so many events that happen throughout the year. A great gift idea is a set of an assortment of greeting cards. You can make them, or purchase a pre-made set. I have done this for my mother in law and she has LOVED it.

BBQ Tools: Do you have someone who loves to BBQ? Getting them some nice tools to help with their hobby would be an amazing gift, and one you may be able to benefit from as well. 🙂 These could go in a stocking or be given as a gift to an extended friend or family member.

Fuzzy Socks: Sometimes, you just can’t go wrong with an old favorite. I LOVE me some fuzzy socks and have so many pairs because Mr Dentist knows I love them so much! But there is almost nothing better than having thick, soft socks on when it is cold outside. There are even ones with fun sayings on the soles.

The Giving Manger: This is a gift for a whole family. And really you are giving them a tradition they can start with their family, and use for years to come. This story and toy set encourage family members to add hay to the manger by serving other members of the family and in the community. It is such a sweet gift to share with another family.

Vase Filled with Candy: Sometimes simple is better. You can find a pretty vase they can use again later, and fill it with their favorite candy. Simple but with a personal touch.

Netflix Movie Night: Consider gifting a movie night! You can actually get a Netflix gift card so they can watch Netflix for a movie night, or several movie nights. Add in some microwave popcorn and you have given them a full movie night!

Offer a Service: If the person you are trying to give a gift to is just too hard, maybe offer to DO something for them. Maybe there is a house project they need help with, or something they have wanted to get done but haven’t had time. Perhaps you can take them out for an activity. Find some way to help or serve them. That will be a very memorable gift they will appreciate.

Final Thoughts on Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Giving gifts at Christmas does not have to be expensive. You can find cheap gifts that are meaningful and will be appreciated. I hope this list has given you some ideas so that you can stop stressing about what to get someone and start shopping for a gift they will love.

What are some of your favorite inexpensive Christmas gift ideas? This list has room to grow! Let me know in the comments your best ideas!

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