How to Make More Money as a Virtual Assistant

how to make more money as a virtual assistant

Best Virtual Assistant Service to Make Money

I get it. You have started your virtual assistant business, you are getting some clients and things are going well.

Or, you may be just starting on your journey to become a virtual assistant and are looking for skills you can offer as virtual assistant services. 

In either case, you are quickly realizing that, the more clients you can get, the more money you can make.

But at some point you will max out on your time availability and you won’t be able to take on any more clients.

Does this mean that you have reached the cap on how much you can earn as a virtual assistant? 

Nope! I am here to tell you about an easy way to make more money as a virtual assistant. The key is to continue to develop your skills. 

Keep learning and growing your abilities and you will be able to make more.

But today I want to tell you about ONE specific skill that, if learned and applied to your business, could add THOUSANDS to your monthly income–without adding any more new clients!

I’m telling you–learning this one skill set will have the power to completely transform your business and your life!

You can make MORE money as a virtual assistant each and every month, without the constant hustle of trying to find your next client. And then the stress of wondering how to find the time to actually help that client.

What is this magical skill you ask? It is simple: Design Hacking as learned in CF Design School.

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What is Design Hacking???

Wait, what?! What the heck is Design Hacking? I’ve never even heard of it!

Have no fear. That is what I am here for.

Design Hacking, at its core, is the process of building new web pages–using website design elements, and marketing tactics–that are already proven to be successful and drive sales.

Okay, that was a little technical. When you are Design Hacking, you go look at other businesses in your same niche and check out their websites. See how the websites are laid out; see how they capture emails; see what words and images they are using. These are all pieces of the overall design.

Then you take those pieces you have found and combine them into a new website that is all your own. You are thereby creating a powerful website that is pretty much guaranteed to bring in sales, email subscribers or whatever the goal of the web page is.

How to Learn Design Hacking

Okay, I know you are thinking that Design Hacking sounds rather complicated and out there. But I promise, it isn’t.

When I first heard about Design Hacking, I had no ideas what it was. But as I studied and learned more about it, I realized the power of Design Hacking and the ability to easily create web pages that looked amazing AND would bring in money.

But how do you learn to do Design Hacking. Simple. Through the course CF Design School

Check out all about CF Design School and start learning Design Hacking!

Okay…. What is CF Design School

CF Design School is a course taught by Kathryn Jones. She broke the code on how to EASILY create beautiful web pages that bring in leads and sales, without needing to know coding, photoshop or any other technical skills. 

I’m serious…. Her tricks are EASY.

In her course, Kathryn walks you through, step by step, the design hacking process. And then how to apply the information you gathered to create an amazing webpage or funnel. (If you haven’t heard of a funnel, it is a series of simple web pages that will hold a customer’s hand through the process of buying a product). 

CF Design School teaches you everything you need to know about funnels, how to set them up, make them work and build amazing web pages in the software Click Funnels.

But more than that, Kathryn also teaches you how to sell your new found skills, and the designs you create, to MAKE MONEY. And to make money FAST.

CF Design School also comes with an amazing facebook group where you can get help, encouragement, AND watch group coaching calls to get answers to your questions. 

There are so many people in that group who made money within 2 weeks of taking the course, and are making thousands by the end of their first couple of months!

In fact, you can check out how Erin pitched design hacking to her business coach (a virtual assistant course creator) and SOLD her on the new website design. Check out the video!

And yes, you can, and WILL, learn to do what Erin did.

So when I say it is a great skill to increase your income as a virtual assistant, I am not kidding at all!

Click Here to Learn more about Design Hacking!

How Design Hacking Applies to Your Virtual Assistant Business

Learning the skill of design hacking will benefit you whether you already have clients or are still looking for your first client.

If you already have clients that you are helping, and they have a website or sales page that they are trying to market and make money from, then Design Hacking is perfect for you.

As you learn the process of Design Hacking, you can offer this new service to your current client. You offer to give their website a design face lift that will dramatically improve the number of sales/email subscribers/etc that come through that website.

And when you offer to create this new web page for them, you will be able to charge for this extra, specialized skill. There are people who charge several hundred to thousands of dollars per page built.

Your client will see the value of creating web pages that will allow them to be more profitable, and will therefore be willing to pay you for this extra, amazing skill and service.

If you are new and still looking for clients, then you can learn this skill in advance and offer it from the get-go. This will automatically increase how much money you can make as a virtual assistant from the moment you get started. 

In fact, there are people whose entire business is focused on design hacking for clients. They love it so much that that is ALL they do! And they make thousands every single month doing it. 

Design Hacking can be used in many places

CF Design School does teach you the process of design hacking with the Click Funnels software. And, I will be honest, it is an amazing software!

But the principles of design hacking can be used in so many areas of your virtual assistant business.

I used the principles of design hacking to help me build my website on WordPress.

The principles of design hacking also help me create Pinterest Pins that get attention and clicks! I also use it for my sales pages for my digital products.

In short, if you learn the principles taught in CF Design school, you can apply them to so many other tasks and projects!

If you are serious about finding ways to earn more money as a virtual assistant, without constantly adding more and more clients, you NEED to get into CF Design School and learn design hacking. It can transform your business and change your life!

Sign up for Design Hacking NOW!

Final Thoughts on the Best Virtual Assistant Service to Make Money

It is possible to make more money as a virtual assistant, and increase your revenue, and to do so with the clients you already have.

And when you learn Design Hacking, through CF Design School, the amount of money you can make in your business truly is limitless.

So, when you are ready to bring in more income, and ultimately impact your business for the better, check out CF Design School. Your future self will thank you!

Click Here to Learn ALL about Design Hacking!

How to Make more money as a Virtual Assistant

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